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THE PLAINS I Hydrating Bison Balm

THE PLAINS I Hydrating Bison Balm

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A beautifully poured formulation perfect for all skin types. The high value of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids in this balm aids in nourishing you from the outside in. 

Description :

The Plains is formulated as a head to toe application for all skin types. 

We carefully selected Grassfed Bison Tallow as our base ingredient for this moisturizer. Intending on connecting you with the original animals that sustained and nourished our people for centuries. 

The Tallow is then infused with wild harvested rosehips, Organic Vanilla Beans, and Jojoba Oil. It has a slight vanilla scent and will keep your skin hydrated for longer than our other offerings. 


Best Suited For: 

  • Dry Weather Hydration


Grassfed Bison Suet

Jojoba Oil

Wild Picked Rosehips

Organic Vanilla Beans

*Grass-fed Bison Tallow is a unique and treasured ingredient among Native Americans. We have personally found that this ingredient is superior in moisturizing the skin over other animal fats. 

*Jojoba Oil- which is a rich plant wax rather than "oil" has wonderful properties that can relieve dryness in skin. We carefully source this from a local company to provide excellent and consistent quality. 

*Wild Harvested Rosehips are a beautiful homage to our Blackfoot culture. Many traditional stories and uses for this berry keeps the plant close to our hearts and our heritage. 

*Organic Vanilla Beans are a powerful dark plant and as a bonus they smell amazing.



How To Use


Gently warm a small amount of the product in your hands before applying it generously as desired. Rest assured, you can utilize this product from your head to your toes. 


Additional Details: 


*A little goes a long way


*This product is best stored at room temp. However, if you prefer to stock up, you can store our products in the fridge for extended shelf life. 




Our Promise to you:


No Synthetic Fragrances


No Hormones


PUFA Aware


Intentionally Sourced

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Customer Reviews

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Sweet relief

My sensitive, eczema-prone skin has responded very well to both the Gatherer and the Plains creams. They have been healing and nourishing and have relieved the painful itching I experienced. So glad I tried them!