About Us

 A Revival of Skin Health 

The modern world. Laden with malls, marketing and trends. Focused on the newer cleaner or "greener" products that left us wanting. 

Before the existence of this, their was a large gathering of people. People who followed and subsisted on the land for all of their needs. They didn't scour the shelves searching labels for a "clean" product. Instead they looked towards the vast landscape before them. 

Sweetgrass Skin Company is and Indigenous owned business that pursues a reconnection to animal and land based knowledge. This revival aims to uplift your skincare routine. Taking us back to the basics of simple, beautiful, and traditional products. 

Our company harnesses the gift of Bison and Bovine Tallow, while also selecting traditional plants from the territory of the Niitsitapi (True People). Through connecting you to our vibrant culture, we aim to show you that less is enough.